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Supria Plus 32


Experience enhanced workflow speed and clear CT image quality across a wide range of applications using 16 slice acquisition and up to 32 slice reconstruction. Access the latest dose awareness, reduction and management features. Benefit from a compact footprint, increased patient access, new energy efficient technologies and lower cost of ownership with Fujifilm’s Supria Plus – Your compact computed tomography solution.


High-end Imaging & Performace

Patient-centric design and engineering excellence of Supria Plus puts you in control without compromising imaging performance. 

Outstanding Comfort

Supria Plus is meticulously designed with the patient in mind. Its large aperture, long table and high weight capacity comfortably accommodates patients of all sizes up to 500lbs.

Remarkably Compact Design

To meet your needs and healthcare environment challenges, the Supria Plus is designed to be open, yet compact – fitting in nearly all existing CT rooms.


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Supria Plus – Lower Dose, Compact Design







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