Visit Booth # 205 – Essential Enterprise Solutions at the AHRA 2019 Annual Meeting and Exposition in Denver Colorado July 21st – July 24th

If you are planning on attending the AHRA 2019 Annual Meeting and Exposition in Denver Colorado on July 21st – July 24th 2019, please make your way to Booth #205.

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A Essential Enterprise Solutions service and support representative will be in attendance. Looking to expand your medical image storage, purchase a new PACS Image Archive system and expand your Image viewing capabilities, we are happy to speak with you in your current workflow and how you wish to improve on your existing system. Visit us at the conference for a demo of our Image Archive as well as our Diagnostic Viewer and html5 viewers.
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A Powerful Data Analytics Platform


Glassbeam is a leading platform for analyzing complex machine logs generated from medical devices. Multiple manufacturers, health care providers, and ISOs are either using or evaluating Glassbeam for increasing machine uptime, tracking asset utilization, reducing service cost, and increasing operator productivity. Key components of Glassbeam’s solution for the Healthcare market include:

  • Glassbeam CLEAN™ Blueprint (Clinical Engineering Analytics)
    Glassbeam CLEAN™ is an end-to-end analytics solution (data collection, data transformation, and data analytics), which focuses on machine data in a Clinical engineering environment.
  • Fleet Management and Utilization
    Enables users to track asset utilization across the entire fleet and break down asset utilization by the number of procedures, types of procedures, procedure duration, uptime and idle time.
  • Operator Utilization and Process Optimization
    View aggregated time taken per procedure type per operator to find gaps in training and effective machine utilization.
  • System Health Dashboard
    Enables service engineers to remotely monitor and set thresholds on key machine parameters such as helium level, magnet pressure, cold head temperature, compressor off time, tube arcs and abort on a per machine basis.

Brown’s Medical Imaging has developed a new relationship with Glassbeam allowing us to offer complex modality imaging device data analytics software to help our customers manage the enormous volumes of clinical data generated for each patient. For more information, please go to our PRODUCTS section and click on either CT products, or MRI products to explore the Glassbeam story and what this sophisticated data transformation software can do for you.


Explore Creative Service Options for Your CT and MRI


BMI is now offering a new portfolio of services on all GE and Siemens CT and MRI scanners, from simple Time and Materials support to full comprehensive coverage. Our highest level of PLATINUM service is a complete package that includes:

  • 24 x 7 Remote Monitoring and Diagnostics
  • 24 x 7 Technical Remote/Phone Support
  • 100% Field Labor and Travel Coverage
  • 100% Parts Coverage on CT Including Tube
  • 100% Parts Coverage on MRI Including Magnet Components and Cryogen Fills
  • Preventative Maintenance Inspections per OEM Specifications

BMI now employs qualified, trained, and experienced field service engineers and technical support specialists to provide complete service support on all GE and Siemens CT and MRI scanners.

Ask your BMI Sales Professional about this exciting new service program, or call Chad Brown directly at our corporate offices in Omaha 1-800-701-XRAY (9729).

CT-512                                                                                    MRI-512


Award Winning Products From SHIMADZU


Each year, Frost and Sullivan presents the Best Practices Award for Global General Radiography Product Line Strategy Leadership. This award goes to the company that has excelled in developing a comprehensive product line that caters to the breadth of the entire market it serves. In 2017, SHIMADZU MEDICAL SYSTEMS is honored to receive this prestigious recognition!

In its announcement of the award, Frost and Sullivan stated that SHIMADZU MEDICAL SYSTEMS continuous innovations and upgrades to its radiography product portfolio in 2016, ensures that its radiography products stay relevant and in high demand, in an ever evolving and highly competitive global market. The Radiography Product Line Strategy Leadership Award also recognizes the record of excellence in service and dedication that SHIMADZU MEDICAL SYSTEMS provides to its customers throughout the world.

This award specifically recognized the following SHIMADZU MEDICAL SYSTEMS trend setting products:
• MobileDaRt Evolution MX7 version mobile x-ray system with digitization features
• RADspeed ProEDGE high performance general radiography equipment
• Sonialvision G4 Multi-Functional Universal Fluoroscopy Systems

Congratulations to SHIMADZU MEDICAL SYSTEMS for earning the 2017 Frost and Sullivan Best Practices Award!

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Experience The Difference


The new Canon CXDI 710 and 810 cesium wireless DR detectors are even lighter to hold than their current 701 and 801 models. At only 5.07 lbs. for the 14 x 17 cassette detector, they are manufactured with a new lightweight carbon fiber chassis frame. In spite of being lightweight, they are high in both performance and durability.

New features of these detectors include:
• Flexible charging capabilities with either a battery charger or a docking station.
• IXP7 Rated for fluid resistance.
• Lightweight ergonomic handgrips sculpted into the detector chassis.
• On board image storage capability.

See the X-RAY SYSTEMS page under PRODUCTS on our website, and go directly to the CANNON product page. You will find the Canon CXDI 10 Series Brochure with more details on this exciting new product!

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Have You Considered Financing Your Imaging Equipment Purchase Or Lease?


Did you know that Brown’s Medical Imaging can source equipment financing for you?

Why should I finance my equipment acquisition?

  • To conserve capital. It is not necessary to commit significant amounts of capital to an equipment project. With financing as an option, your capital stays put, for any planned or unseen future needs you may have.
  • To preserve your existing credit lines. Don’t compromise your current credit lines by adding an equipment purchase that may require additional security. An equipment financing package will help keep those credit lines available for other uses as needed.
  • To “pay as you go” and let the equipment pay for itself. Your new equipment purchase will help generate periodic revenues that will help cover the scheduled payments of your finance package.

And don’t forget the Section 179 deduction available to you in 2017. This is an easy-to-use tax incentive that allows you to deduct a portion of your equipment purchase price, up to $500,000, from your gross income!

We are committed to working with you to find the perfect solution to deliver a creative financing structure and flexible terms. Ask your Brown’s Medical Imaging Sales Professional to help you with any Imaging Equipment financing needs that you are interested in.

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Do More With Less


The NeuViz 128 CT system is the latest advance in Neusoft CT innovation. NeuViz 128 offers remarkable clarity and precision to expand the range of services you can provide to your patients, while reducing critical operational costs.

NeuViz 128 provides full-featured, low-dose workflow, optimized and designed for patient comfort. The NeuViz 128 ClearView software transforms noisy, low-dose images into high quality studies that deliver improved diagnostic capacity. You will experience superior image quality at a lower dose than that of older CT systems.

Overall study times are reduced for patients by streamlining workflow and delivering advanced scanning technology!

EESI cloud backup storage solution for for protecting and storing DICOM images in compliance with HIPAA and HITECH standards

PACS Imaging Cloud Backup Solution from Essential Enterprise Solutions, Inc. (EESi)

Essential EESi PACS Image Cloud Backup Solution is Enterprise-level Reliability, Scalability and Security at a Price Private Practices Can Afford.
The Imaging Cloud Backup Solution from Essential Enterprise Solutions, Inc. (EESi) offers medical practices a comprehensive, yet cost-effective, solution for protecting and storing DICOM images in compliance with HIPAA and HITECH standards. Powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS), this robust solution provides instant, on-premises access to all of your current studies plus automatic transmission and synchronization of all studies to the cloud for back-up, archival and recovery. All data is transmitted securely with 256-bit AES encryption, stored within the AWS hardened infrastructure and accessible only by using a unique user authentication key. Plus, multiple, redundant copies of the images are archived within the cloud to further protect against loss or damage.

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EESi Cloud Backup Storage Advantages

• Vendor neutral archive
• Simplifi ed HIPAA compliance
• Secure, encrypted, redundant off -site cloud storage
• Isolation from cloud outages
• Automatic resumption and transparent cloud updating
• Local access to the most recent studies
• Low fi xed monthly fee
• Backed by the AWS Service Level Agreement
• Retention of full image ownership
• No minimum storage requirements
• Unlimited automatic scalability
• Disaster recovery included
• Hardware maintenance included on active accounts

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If your CT system is not NEMA XR-29 compliant, you will be subject to reduced reimbursement starting in 2016! What is NEMA XR-29? It is a dose monitoring system that defines standard attributes required for dose management and mitigation (along with XR-25; XR-26; and XR-27). NEMA XR-29 includes four key attributes of CT equipment that enable optimization or management of radiation dose delivery while also providing high quality medical images:
• DICOM Radiation Dose Structured Reporting (RDSR)
• CT Dose Check
• Automatic Exposure Controls (AEC)
• Pediatric and Adult Reference Protocols
The NEUSOFT NeuViz 16 and 64 platforms are fully compliant with NEMA XR-29. For more information about NEMA XR-29, and the NEUSOFT family of Computed Tomography products, call us and we will be glad to assist you.

Meaningful Use Part 2

Stage2 Meaningful Use Guide for Eligible Professionals

Stage2 Meaningful UseToolkit EHR

Stage2 Meaningful Use ImagingResults


As of today, many “eligible professionals” or EPs, are either actively using an Electronic Health Record (EHR) system, or are well on their way to incorporating a system into their clinical practice.  This is part of the Meaningful Use initiative that we have been hearing about for the last 3 or 4 years.

Now that Meaningful Use Part 2 is upon us, it is not enough to just own and use a certified EHR in your practice.  Providers now have to start demonstrating that they are using their EHR in ways that can positively impact the care they are providing to their patients.  Stage 2 includes many new objectives to improve patient care through better clinical decision support, care coordination, and patient engagement.  There are 17 CORE objectives, and 6 MENU objectives laid out in the Stage 2 requirements plan that we should all examine in detail.

The first CORE objective provides for using computerized order entry (CPOE) for medication, laboratory, and radiology orders.  For the radiology order entry element of this objective, Brown’s Medical Imaging can help you incorporate this into your x-ray environment easily and cost effectively.

The third MENU objective states that imaging (x-ray) results must be accessible through the EHR, the electronic health system that you use in your practice.  Brown’s Medical Imaging has a solution for you here, as well.

Contact us to find out how we can help you navigate through the Meaningful Use Part 2 requirements related to medical imaging.





3D Mammography Is Here!

Hologic Workstation Scrolling Pic


With Selenia Dimensions and the power of breast tomosynthesis, you can see lesions with a clarity never before possible. In fact, breast cancer screening with tomosynthesis has a higher cancer detection rate than conventional 2D mammography alone. Studies show that masses, distortions, and asymmetric densities are better visualized with Selenia Dimensions breast tomosynthesis technology. And, using this technology gives Radiologists the confidence needed to significantly reduce their recall rates!

Take the lead in breast imaging by offering this cutting-edge technology to the women of your community today!