Alto DR


Alto DR panels are the perfect solution for a retrofit from conventional film X-ray systems to digital radiography systems. Alto DR panels offer Automatic Exposure Detection (AED) Trigger mode, as well as line trigger modes. There are various preset image processing modes for different studies, and you can store up to 100 images internally in the detector. There is also an optional tether cable that can allow image acquisition and transmission through a Gigabit Ethernet interface at a faster speed.

Alto DR now offers a 2nd generation wireless DR panel that is both water resistant, and includes 3 antennas embedded to establish a stronger WiFi connection. This 2nd generation panel also introduces Near Field Communication (NFC) for easier configuration and settings.

You will see superior diagnostic image quality with the flat panel detector using the proven technology of Alto DR image processing software. You will also achieve dramatically reduced X-ray dose for patient and user safety during each examination. You can preview images within 3 seconds and receive completely processed images in 6 seconds. Also, multi-detector configurations are available, offering up to 4 detector combinations.