AGFA DR Detectors With Automatic Exposure Detection


With the DX-D 40 digital detector, your direct radiography (DR) solution will be up and running in no time! Easy and fast installation means you get the benefits of DR, in an instant. The new Automatic  Exposure Detection (AED) eliminates the need for an electrical connection to the X-ray system, so  you can use it seamlessly with virtually any X-ray system, right away. You can maximize your existing  investments, while opening up new possibilities and perspectives, with a cost-effective solution that  helps you meet your goals.

In its minimal configuration, the DX-D 40 instant DR solution delivers ultra-mobility: the use of AED technology and standard wireless communication can reduce the configuration to a DR detector and a laptop. You have cable-free, wireless and fully DR image acquisition instantly combined with an existing or new X-ray source. Both laptop and detector are battery-powered, so they don’t require a power outlet. With this platform your mobile analog radiography systems can be upgraded or retrofitted to ultra-convenient DR in a snap – without replacing your existing equipment. It even allows sharing of the DR imaging system with multiple X-ray systems!