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Film Processors

Konica SRX-101A


The Konica SRX-101A is a three speed table top processor that produces high quality radiographs with ease of operation in any low volume application. The SRX-101A features a new design offering easy maintenance and serviceability. It is the ideal choice for imaging centers, diagnostic centers and private practices such as veterinary, chiropractic, podiatry and even mobile image applications.

-Offers three process speeds: 90 second Super Rapid processing cycle, 120 second Standard processing cycle and 180 second Extended processing cycle.
-State of the art technology for precise microprocessor controlled temperature and replenishment. Replenishment according to film size.
-A 17" Light Tight Feed Tray can process up to 60 14" x 17" films per hour in the 90 second mode. Allows two 8" x 10" films to be run side by side.
-Innovative rack design for easy care and routine, daily maintenance.
-Infrared drying rack for consistent, energy-efficient drying and quiet operation.
-Operates on standard 110V power through any wall outlet.

Film Transport Method - Continuous roller transport

Film Type and Sizes - Sheet film, 10cm x 10cm - 14" x 17" sizes

Processing Cycles/Capacity
-90 sec. cycle: 75 sheets/hr. (10"x12" or 24cm x 30cm), 60 sheets/hr. (14"x17")
-120 sec. cycle: 70 sheets/hr. (10"x12" or 24cm x 30cm), 55 sheets/hr. (14"x17")
-170 sec. cycle: 55 sheets/hr. (10"x12" or 24cm x 30cm), 40 sheets/hr. (14"x17")

Process Cycle Switching - Available by a service engineer

Processing Solution Volumes
-DEV tank: 3.9 liters (1.03 gallons)
-FIX tank: 1.8 liters (0.47 gallons)
-WASH tank: 1.4 liters (0.37 gallons)

Circulation System - Continuous pumping of developer and fixer solutions

Temperature Control
-Processing Solution Temperature: Controlled by the temperature control tank, with the thermistor monitoring, and with the heater heating.
-Drying Temperature: Controlled automatically according to a fixed temperature setting.

Replenishing System - Replenishing volume for the film sheet is calculated with exchanging 10" x 12" film.

Wash Water
-Ordinary tap water: 41-86 degrees Fahrenheit
-Water pressure: 49-686kPa (0.5-7kgf/cm2) (7-98psi)

Water Supply - 0.8 liters (0.22 gallon)/min.

Standby Functions - 10 min./30 min./Continuous operation (Selectable by a service engineer)

Power Source - AC 115/120V, single phase, 12A, 60 Hz

-24"w x 17.5"h x 26.8"d (without feed tray)
-24"w x 17.5"h x 35.4"d (including feed tray)

Weight - 88 lbs. without processing solutions, 103.4 lbs. with processing solutions

Certification - Conforms to UL, FDA

Applied Standard - FCC

Heat Generation - Approx. 3135 kJ/h max.

Noise Level - Approx. 55dB(A) max.

Operating Condition - 59-86 degrees Fahrenheit, 30-75%RH (no condensation)

Accessories - Measuring cup, Funnel, Installation parts kit, Replacement parts kit, Replenisher tanks and Operation manual.

-Light shield panel
-Splash guard

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